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Welcome to Lakes of Texas! This web application serves as an interactive insight into the historical narrative of the lakes and reservoirs in the State of Texas for the purpose of general public education and understanding about our precious water resources. It is our hope to relay awareness and historical knowledge of the infinitely significant water bodies utilized by the citizens of Texas daily.

Developed by the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS), a division of the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), Lakes of Texas focuses on the water sources managed by the TWDB.

Data Sources

  • Lakes & Reservoirs

    The Lakes dataset was created and is maintained by the Texas Water Development Board. The dataset does not encompass every lake and reservoir within the State of Texas. Instead, the dataset focuses on the 188 water bodies significant to water supply and management for public and industrial purposes. Information regarding water supply and consumption for the State of Texas is greatly detailed within the Interactive Statewide Water Plan.

  • Historical Aerial Imagery

    The Historical Aerial Imagery layers are composite mosaics of scanned photography from the TNRIS historical aerial archive. All images were researched, scanned, compiled, georeferenced, and served by TNRIS. Imagery from the archive is available for public acquisition and consumption. It can be acquired through TNRIS' Research & Distribution Center.


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Lakes of Texas was developed and is maintained by the Texas Natural Resources Information System.

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