Red Draw Reservoir


Red Draw Reservoir is located approximately six miles southeast of Big Spring in Howard County, Texas, on the Red Draw River, a tributary of Colorado River. It is owned by Colorado River Municipal Water District as part of the District's Diverted Water System for water quality improvement purpose. Construction of the dam started in 1984 and was completed in 1985. The dam is an earthfill embankment of 72 feet high with a length of 1,600 feet. Normal storage is 8,538 acre feet encompassing a surface area of 374 acres at conservation pool elevation of 2,445 feet above mean sea level. The drainage area above the dam is unknown.
Red Draw Reservoir


There are no parks for recreation around Red Draw Reservoir. It is not a municipal source for Big Spring. “The Colorado River Municipal Water District has developed an extensive system of diversions, pipelines, and reservoirs to reduce the overall tonnage of chlorides and dissolved solids accumulating in the E. V. Spence Reservoir. Water taken from the diversion works is either sold to oil companies for use in oil field re-pressurization, or sent to the Barber, Red Draw, or Mitchell County reservoirs for evaporation. These efforts have helped the District retain Spence as a valid municipal water supply source for Big Spring, which might not have been possible had the chlorides continued to gather within the reservoir and deteriorated its water quality." (USFWS, 2004)


  • Location: Howard County, Texas
  • Construction Dates: 1984 to 1985
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